Client: EMOP, Ajuntament de Palma de Mallorca
Location: C/Sevilla, Son Dameto d’alt, Palma de Mallorca
Area: 935 m²
Project: 2008

The project design consisted of two parallel buildings that run the length of the site, and have a south-east orientation. The circulation spaces were laid out around a patio. The existing topography was maintained, which meant that the porch of the south-east façade has wonderful views overlooking the public park and partial views of Tramuntana Sierra. Vegetation was used as a visual barrier to partially block off the view to the north-west, where there is a rather large sports facility close by. The main entrance is accessed by a ramp which leads to the entrance hall, where there is a patio which acts as a green space and a barrier, creating a visual separation that screens the classrooms, playground, and the rest of the nursery´s communal areas.

The dining room, psychomotor learning classroom and learning support classrooms have a south-east orientation, and are connected to the playground. The six classrooms have been designed with a porch running along their length, which gives onto the patio. The sectional building design ensured that all the classrooms have good illumination and ventilation.