The architect Miquel Àngel Lacomba Seguí was born in Palma de Mallorca in 1971. He founded the studio MIQUEL LACOMBA ARCHITECTS in 1997, and he is a member Nº 290025 of COAIB (Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de les Illes Balears).
He has won several architectural competitions, and in the recent years his projects have been published in a variety of books and magazines that specialize in architecture, at both national and international level. 
He has designed and realized multiple building projects mainly in Mallorca, including single-family homes, residential buildings, urban interventions and public buildings. All those projects have been designed according to the concepts of sustainability and ecology.
The experience of living in Barcelona, Stockholm, Hamburg, Rotterdam and other cities has allowed him to broaden his vision of the world and architecture. The main part of his inspiration comes from the combination of the Scandinavian masters’ teaching, contemporary architecture and Mediterranean vernacular architecture.
His architectural and creative practice has been also developed under the influence of his artistic and musical training, the observation of nature, the environment, and the client himself.

  • 2021 – currently working on new projects with the concepts of sustainability and innovation. The largest of them is a project of a villa in Son Vida where principles of high energy efficiency and renewable energies have been applied. Other present projects that are worth mentioning are: a residential housing project of 10 houses situated in Pollença (under construction), (Pollensa housing); a single-family passive house in Sa Coma, Bunyola; a housing project in Santa Catalina, Palma; and a project of an energy self-sufficient single-family house in rural area of Sant Llorenç.
  • 2018 – started his first projects under the passive house and bio-construction design criteria.
  • 2016 – first prize in a private competition among 6 other prestigious architecture studios in Mallorca with a design of 2000 m2 villa for a private client in Son Vida, Palma
  • 2014 – first prize in a competition for a public building for tourist information and multifunctional spaces organized by Pollença Town Council.
  • 2009 –  Palma de Mallorca Town Hall commissioned him to carry out a project to renovate Sant Frances Xavier Square, in collaboration with the municipal architect Federico Climent. 
  • 2005 – participated in the “Big and Beautiful” conference for architects and urban design professionals, organized by the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design, in Holland.
  • 2002 – 2005 –  a lecturer at the Balear Institute of Design (ESDIB) that is attached to the Regional Government Ministry for Education, Culture and Universities of the Balear Regional Government. He was combining teaching with working in his studio.
  • 2002 – the  Ministry for Education of the Balearic Regional Government and Culture employed him to build a nursery and primary school in Cas Capiscol, Palma de Mallorca, together with the architect Joan Riera.
  • 1997 he worked at the Directorate-General for Land Use Planning and Development of the Regional Government of the Balear Islands. In the following year he was hired by the Balearic Islands Association of Architects (COAIB), where he worked in the urban design department. 
  • 1996 he received a degree in architecture from the School of Architecture of the Vallés of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia where he graduated with honors for his final-year project. 
  • 1994 he obtained an Erasmus grant to study for a year at the School of Architecture of the KTH University in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • 1989  completed his official music studies, specializing in piano, intermediate level, at the Conservatori Oficial de Música de Mallorca (Mallorca Conservatory of Music). That same year he began studying architecture at the School of Architecture of the Vallés of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.


We seek beauty and awakening emotions through architecture. Light, color, materials and textures are all essential to the creation of form and shape.
We believe that collaboration with clients and users is vitally important, as are their needs, the physical environment, the budget and regulations.
Our firm is international in scope and is formed by architects who actively participate in the design process in collaboration with the engineers, builders and suppliers. 

We have developed a work system based on quality management, which means that all our projects are carried out in a professional, coherent way. Thanks to this, we keep clients fully informed and up to date with all aspects of the project from the design stage, through preparing and obtaining the documentation required, to construction.

We believe that architecture should be clear, coherent and comprehensible, both in conception and construction, in order to provide quality of life to people.

We are committed to sustainability, and we believe that sustainability is much more than just using solar panels or having a green roof. It is a social responsibility: our buildings encourage users to be ecologically responsible.
Architecture should establish a relationship and adaptation to the surrounding environment, protecting and enhancing it as far as possible.
Our collaborators and specialist consultants help us obtain the highest possible sustainability ratings for our buildings.

While all buildings have to be financially viable and efficient, a good building design brings value-added benefits: the total value of the building increases,  becomes a long-term investment.


A good teamwork synergy, where the power of the group is greater than the sum of its parts, is essential. This is why we collaborate with a large group of architects, engineers, designers and artists in order to create outstanding architecture.
Our studio is a place where creativity is of key importance, while our team is distinguished for its commitment and professionalism.

Habitual collaborators: 

Joan Marc Coll construction engineer | Jaume Oliver construction engineer | Eduardo Ramis structures engineer | Mar Romaguera construction engineer | Julio Gracia Miró structures engineer | José Manuel Busquets Hidalgo, construction engineer, passive house designer and trade person |   ARC MALLORCA Real Eastate & Architects | Javier Beltrán industrial engineer | Inti Energia renewable energy engeneering & consulting | Xavier Suarez construction engineer |   Xavier Riutort anthropologist and philosopher | Mauricio Fuertes photographer | José Hevia photographer


Miquel Lacomba Architects accepts European students on ERASMUS work placements who are studying architecture, marketing, international business, journalism, graphic design, and 3D image design.
We are looking for trainees who are interested in architecture, creative, have a capacity for hard work and the ability to work in international teams.
Since the studio is international in scope, trainees have to speak English fluently. We also value a good knowledge of the following languages: German, Russian and Spanish.
We have been offering work placements to architectural students and recent graduates from different countries since 2003, and it has been a mutually enriching experience for all parties.
The work consists of taking part in architectural competitions, reviewing projects, helping with conceptual design, and making models and 3D visualizations. The recommended length of time for placements is between three to twelve months. We have a team of young professionals and a pleasant work environment.
If you would like to apply for a work placement at our studio, please write to us at arquitectura@mlacomba.com.