Client: IBISEC Govern de les Illes Balears
Location: Plaça Mediterrània, Inca
Area: 3.072 m²
Project: 2004
Architects: Joan Riera Jaume i Miquel Àngel Lacomba Seguí

The building is organised in a comb-like shape on slightly sloping ground, and has lovely views over Tramuntana Sierra in one direction and a perfect southeast orientation in the other. The design comprises a main block, which runs parallel to the street which provides access to the school, and four classroom blocks which branch off from the main block. The service areas, dining room, staffrooms and auxiliary classrooms are located in the main block, as well as a gymnasium, which is built at a lower level and is connected to the outdoor patios. The classroom blocks have been built parallel to each other, facing southeast, and have been adapted to the sloping ground in a natural style so as to allow patios and gardens to be created in the spaces in between them, and give the blocks panoramic views.