Client: IBISEC, Govern de les Illes Balears
Location: C/Leocàdia de Togores, Palma
Area: 1.911 m²
Project: 2003
Completion of work: 2007

Architects: Miquel Àngel Lacomba y Joan Riera

Finalist at Mallorca Architecture Awards 2004-2006, COAIB

The building is executed in three levels, creating its own topography, which enhances the smooth plot. This allows the creation of different sections and of specific exterior spaces. The main space is situated in the northern side of the plot, creating a facade, which faces the main street. It is through this facade where we find the main entrance to the building, opening itself towards the south. This includes the classrooms and the exterior spaces. The access to the building is separate to that of the parking, although they share the same open space, working as a square in which a ramp directs the visitor to the main entrance. This level contains the administrative offices, the pre-school area with its own playground as well as the primary multifunctional workshop. The visitor can access level -1, through a two-level staircase from the main hall. The kitchen, and the dining room are facing south, to the playground. On a lower level, there is the gym with its changing rooms and facilities. In front of the gym, we can find the sports ground. This is separated from the street by a grand stand. Level +1 includes the primary classrooms, the library, and an access to the exterior, which is facing the Tramuntana mountain range, working as a lookout. From it, one can access the playground.