Client: Ajuntament de Palma
Location: Plaza Sant Francesc Xavier, Palma, Mallorca
Area: 3.154 m²
Project: 2008
Completion of work: 2010

Architects: Miquel Lacomba y Federico Climent

Selected at the final stage of Mallorca Architecture Awards 2007-2010, COAIB

The proposal is born in the neighbourhood la Soledat Nord, with a lack of open public spaces. The idea is conceived following the wish of a group of students of primary public school, which is symbolised with a suitcase that contains the dreams and hopes of the children. The project seeks to dignify a forgotten space, paving the road connecting its neighbouring school. It also communicates the school with the surrounding streets providing a sense of cleanness and openness. The existing barriers between the public space and the facades of the main square are therefore erased. This fact allows the enjoyment of several activities in an open and unique space. The main area has the shape of a trapezium, following a slight slope to the south. Following that direction, the observer sees the building of the early-twentieth century school, a cultural and architectonic reference in the area. Regarding the green area, the sector complied in Regal’s street is enhanced with a line of nettle trees, in conjunction with the light system and wooden benches. The totality of pre-existing trees such as cypresses, nettle trees and wild olives have been preserved. This is especially important in the playground area.