Location: Palma, Mallorca
Area: 30 m²
Project: 2009
Completion of work: 2010

This renovation project was for an apartment on the first floor of a XVI century building. The determining factor when creating the building solution was the complexity of the space, due mainly to the presence of the communal staircase which runs through the apartment. The aim was to combine different rooms with each other to create a large open space, which was done by removing the partitions underneath the staircase. By doing this we were able to transform the staircase into a focal point, open up spaces and enhance the visual connections. It also allowed the kitchen worktop to be placed underneath the arch of the stairway. Since the kitchen still conserved its original sink made from Binissalem stone, this material was chosen for the countertops for the rest of the kitchen. Iroko wood was used to make the rest of the kitchen furniture, and it was darkened to match the hues of the other wooden elements in the home. An iron grill, which incorporated the hood of the original stove, was specially made for the kitchen. It will also be used to store the wood needed for heating the home.