Location: Palma de Mallorca
Area: 87 m²
Project: 2000
Completion of work: 2002

This renovation project was for a flat in an apartment building in Palma. The building, which has adjoining buildings on either side, was built as part of the city extension in the fifties. The flat´s layout, utilities and finishes were completely renovated, and the walls of some of the rooms were taken out in order to open up spaces. By doing this the kitchen, dining room and living room were converted into one space, in an open-plan style. Beech wood was used for the parquet floor and kitchen finishes, thereby providing visual continuity between horizontal and vertical surfaces The office, built using pressboard, was strategically situated in between the kitchen and living-dining area, converting it into an element which separates these spaces while allowing them to be visually connected. Sliding doors were installed throughout the house in order to maximise the use of space. They were made out of a variety of materials and colours: translucent glass, and pressboard lacquered in white, red and blue to provide a picturesque touch which contrasts with the white walls and ceilings.