Client: Balearic Institute of Housing (IBAVI)

Location: Llucmajor

Area: 3.055 m2

Project: 2009

Third prize of the competition

This project called for a well ordered and structured building design since the site, situated on the outskirts of the town of Llucmajor and bordering the town´s agricultural land, is in an area which has been developed in a haphazard way. The façade was perforated in order to enhance the aesthetics of the building and soften its visual impact. By doing this we were also able to connect the private garden at the rear with the public space. The trees in the rear garden act as a visual barrier, screening some of the extremely tall buildings nearby from view, while residents on the top floors will be able to enjoy views of Randa Mountain and the historical centre. The circulation spaces were laid out the end of the street, while the apartments are accessed through balconies, connected by walkways supported by slim metal pillars, which also act as communal spaces for social interaction. The main aim of the building design for the apartments was to provide the living/dining area and kitchen with a dual orientation. A key project objective was to ensure that the layout of the apartments would provide ample illumination and cross-ventilation.