Situació: Son Puig, Palma de Mallorca

Àrea: 252 m²

Projecte: 2016

Final d’obra: 2017

Palma house is located in the residential area of Son Puig, in the northwest area of Palma. The shape and dimensions of the plot have allowed the creation of a south- facing patio-garden at the back of the house, allowing the house to incorporate the common concept of the intimate Mediterranean patio.

A gentle ramp leading up to the entrance of the house has been designed in relation to adjacent wall that is made from local “marés” sandstone. As you enter the house the sandstone continues through into the interior, providing a connection between the outside and inside. From the entrance, the space opens up to the kitchen, dining room and living spaces, which are all oriented south. The staircase provides access to the first floor and basement and has been designed as a light and simple element, that allows natural light to circulate throughout all levels of the house.

The upper volume that hosts the bedrooms, have been positioned above the ground floor in such a way to create a porch on the south façade, providing sun protection throughout summer. Incorporated into the porch, sliding wooden shutters operate independently offering flexible control of light and privacy between the interior and the exterior of the house according to the different hours of the day or different season of the year. The shutters also act as a second skin of the house, allowing the covered terrace to be either enclosed or exposed towards the garden and the swimming pool, making the covered terrace an “in between” space between indoors and outdoors.

Natural materials have been used throughout the building, such as different types of stone for the floors and walls, and wood for the window blinds, doors and custom-made furniture. In this way, an attempt is made to achieve a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere with natural colours and contemporary language.

The floor is made of natural bush hammered, polished limestone, whilst the doors, kitchen and staircase are made from oak wood. The home designed future throughout the house has been designed using ash wood to match the material aesthetic of the rest of the house.

The pool which is located in the southern part of the garden, has been designed with the water level equal to the terrace around it, allowing easy entry into the pool. The landscaping around the pool and patio has been designed using plants and trees suitable for the Mediterranean climate and provides calm and nurturing setting.