We coordinate, organize and manage all phases of the project from its conception, to its construction, and to the handing over the keys to the owner. In addition, we carry out a financial study’s. focused on the economic aspects of the project and carry out quality supervision of the final details.
We also ensure that the builders, contractors and workers involved in each project, strictly comply with the stipulated deadlines. In order to keep our clients informed at any time about the status of their project, we contact with them on a regular basis and inform them on all stages of the process.
• Investment feasibility study amd a comparison with possible alternatives.
• General management / planning of the labour investment of the initial estimated budget
• Planning of cash flows
• Organisation and coordination of all parties involved
• Management of all relevant documentation
• Monitoring of relations with the different administration bodies
• Technical advice to the property for the definition of project requirements
• Licensing and permissions management

• Coordination and monitoring of the drafting of the projects (basic, execution, legal and commercial)
• Project audit. Consistent with property requirements
• Verification of the existence of all the documentation

• Analysis of construction, deficiencies and uncertainties
• Technical audit of facilities
• Review of the status of measurements
• Coordination with other participating parties (OCT, Health and Safety, Quality Control Laboratory, etc.) and with public bodies
• Control and monitoring of programming
• Determination of the target budget

Turn-key solutions, quality and comfort

A turn-key project is one whose design, construction and start-up involves only one contractor who will be in charge of meeting all the needs arising from it in exchange for a previously set price. This supposes for the client the elimination of the procedures, turning it into an alternative of the most comfortable.
This solution provided by the real estate market is, in short, a clear opportunity for the development of renovations and new projects at a reduced cost, and without worries.
The architect is not only a mandatory legal figure, he is actually an ally that ensures the quality of the project.
We offer a different turn-key services. Our architecture studio, under the guidance of a trusted construction company, takes over the project from the first day of design until the delivery of the work to the client. This insures the design process, the overall fixed cost, the adaptation of the design to all your requirements, the realisation of the project with construction management by our team and final delivery within the scheduled deadlines. By making decisions with the client in the beginning, the entire process is streamlined and, therefore execution times and costs are reduced.