As a studio, we are characterised by the design of sustainable gardens, introducing elements in harmony with nature and taking advantage of all the resources that the landscape can offer.

In recent years we have witnessed profound changes in the way we view our gardens and how we manage, plant, use and maintain them.

Our perennial affection for control and beauty is balanced with functionality and new ideas, particularly a concern for wildlife, the environment, and the Earth. Gardens should be beautiful and have a purpose. They must please our eyes, entertain us, inspire our imagination and be smart and practical spaces.

The garden must be integrated with the structure of the house offering shelter, but above all, be efficient in using our resources in a fair and sustainable way.

We make gardens that are easy to maintain whilst at the same time are elegant and in tune with the way we want to live our lives.

We know the specific ecological factors of Mallorca, allow us to design harmoniously with the natural landscape.

When designing, we take into account the characteristics of the surrounding nature and choose the most suitable plant species according the area, whilst at the same time think about their scenic and visual importance.

The requirements and maintenance possibilities of our gardens and projects are carefully studied, applying appropriate conservation techniques to achieve the optimal development of the vegetation, from a physiological point of view, and obtain the highest aesthetic value for them.