Miquel Lacomba Architects was founded in 1997 and has extensive experience in the elaboration and development of architecture, interior design and landscaping projects.
The lead Architect, Miquel Lacomba leads a diverse and experienced team of architects, engineers, and technical architects. The quality of our work has been recognised with a numerous awards, design competitions won, and publications in international magazines and books that specialise in architecture.
Miquel Lacomba Architects is known for a wide range of works that include single-family homes, multi-family homes, social housing, schools and public facilities, hotels, urban planning, renovations of existing buildings, interior design and furniture.
Housing projects range from large apartment projects and townhouses to luxury single-family homes. Miquel Lacomba architects has built a large number of homes throughout the island of Mallorca, accumulating valuable experience in this sector.

When working with existing buildings, Miquel Lacomba Architects achieves harmony and balance between the new and the old, discovering a new life to the existing constructions, while respecting the dignity of the buildings and places with which it interacts.
We complement the projects by contributing our knowledge in all project phases: drafting, execution and reception of the work.
The technicians and creatives that work at Miquel Lacomba Architects, allow to the architecture studio to provide comprehensive control of the project; guaranteeing costs, deadlines, quality of design and a high-end finish.
In the project execution and reception phase of a project we can also offer the support of the role of Project Manager, providing economic feasibility studies and planning of the entire project process, from start to finish.