Son Espanyolet House

Location: Palma de Mallorca
Area: 177 m²
Project: 2011
Completion of work: 2013

In the district of Son Espanyolet, in Palma de Mallorca, where the typology of single houses with their nice gardens is still partly preserved, the project was created according to the necessary conditions to solve two apartments on a site, becoming the simplest form of multi-family building.

The site has a good orientation to the southeast, with an existing garden where the trees were retained.

The first apartment, located on the ground floor, is directly connected to the garden and the pool. The sandstone border walls are preserved with all its traces as memories of the past.

The second apartment is located on the first floor with direct access from the street, where the flat green roof becomes an observatory with views to the neighbourhood.


The façade from the street is integrated with its immediate surroundings. Windows with shutters as a common solution of the area, act like filters to the public space. Cross ventilation, passive solar energy collected due to its good orientation, and the thermal insulation on the outside of the enclosure, have been taken into account for a proper bioclimatic operation.