We are certified Passive House architects
Our studio is specialized in the design and construction of passive and sustainable buildings which through their bioclimatic design are highly energy efficient, with little energy demand, achieving comfortable and healthy spaces. 
Together with our collaborator technical architect Pedro Hurtado specializing in Passive House Design and construction, we undertake projects, and offer a comprehensive and documented advice with regard to sustainable architecture.
Passive House
The Concept of Passivhaus design and certification originated in Germany in the 1980s and has since spread universally as it provides the means and directives for achieving Near Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB). These buildings are environmentally sensitive and healthy achieving interiors of high quality with great comfort.
In the highly demanding climatic conditions of Mallorca, Passive House design offers the means through optimization of existing resources and building techniques, to reduce energy demands up to 70% with regard to air conditioning, both in winter and summer, following the current regulations (CTE). 
These standards have already been achieved through Passive House design by hundreds of houses.
Passive House design refers to the following specific construction requirements and standards:
  • Increased thermal insulation and avoidance of thermal bridges resulting in reduced demands for heating and cooling.
  • Use of heat recovery systems for more efficient and high-quality interiors.
  • The design of openings sensitive to orientation in order to maximize solar heat gains in winter and reduce heat losses.
  • Maximum airtight buildings contributing to energy savings and reduced condensation and greater acoustic insulation.
As Passive House Architects, we also provide assistance with:
Choice of terrain
With the client we visit and choose the best possible location for construction of the house, taking into consideration several factors such as orientation, sunlight, inclination, views, etc.
Constructive typology
We determine the construction system of the house, giving preference to industrialized elements and dry construction, with the aim of reducing time and costs.
Recommendation and choice of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.