For good teamwork synergy, where the power of the group is greater than the sum of its parts, is essential. This is why we collaborate with a large group of architects, engineers, designers and artists in order to create outstanding architecture.
Our studio is a place where creativity is of key importance, while our team is distinguished for its commitment and professionalism.

Habitual collaborators: Olivia Mavros architect | Joan Marc Coll construction engineer | Caroline Fiori Toft business development Jaume Oliver construction engineer | Eduardo Ramis structures engineer Pedro Hurtado technical architect, passive house designer and tradesperson Mar Romaguera construction engineer | Julio Gracia Miró structures engineer 


Javier Beltrán industrial engineer Inti Energia renewable energy engeneering & consulting Xavier Suarez construction engineer Miquel Bauza project manager, LF91 | Pere Lacomba graphic designer and artist | Xavier Riutort anthropologist and philosopher | Mauricio Fuertes photographer José Hevia photographer