Miquel Lacomba Architects accepts European students on LEONARDO DA VINCI and ERASMUS work placements who are studying architecture, marketing, international business, journalism, graphic design, and 3D image design. We are looking for trainees who are interested in architecture, creative, have a capacity for hard work and the ability to work in international teams.

Since the studio is international in scope, trainees have to speak English fluently. We also value a good command of the following languages: German, Russian and Spanish. Palma, the capital of the island of Mallorca, is a friendly and welcoming city which enjoys a wonderful climate all year round. The island has a wealth of beautiful landscapes and a rich cultural heritage which means trainees will enjoy their stay here.

We have been offering work placements to architectural students and recent graduates from different countries since 2003, and it has been a mutually enriching experience for all parties. The work consists of taking part in architectural competitions, reviewing projects, helping with conceptual design, and making models and 3D visualisations. The recommended length of time for placements is from between three to twelve months. We have a team of young professionals and a pleasant work environment. If you would like to apply for a work placement at our studio, please write to us at arquitectura@mlacomba.com.