Miquel Lacomba Architects has wide experience in the preparation of expert reports, expert opinions, appraisals, valuations, damage assessment reports, and certifications related to architectural, planning, structural and building issues.

We perform:
  • Building technical inspections, BTIs.  These are obligatory for all buildings over 25 years old in the municipality of Palma de Mallorca. For more information visit our website at http://www.palma-ite.com
  • Expert reports commissioned by parties in a lawsuit, on building defects.​
  • Planning reports, for the purchase and sale of buildings, land or plots.

  • Energy performance certificates, which all properties for sale or rent must have under Royal Decree 235, approved on 5 April 2013.
  • Valuations: counter-valuations by appraisal experts, valuations for the land registry and tax offices, mortgage valuations.